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Cybercore Technologies DevOps consulting adopts an approach which emphasizes on communication , collaboration , integration and automation , thus ensuring agile delivery for software-driven innovation. Our DevOps solutions minimizes the gaps that exists between software development and IT operations enbaling you to produce software products and services . We make sure to find the right processes , tools and people to deliver the solutions . Our main aim is to help clients adopt DevOps and improve their business by : Continous integration of the right tools to fit in the technology gaps Tailor made approach DevOps Consulting .We have the right amout of experience , best practices and the right tools to improve collaboration . How we function :
Define a job Plan on how to execute it Create the code Test the code Build the code Deployment Monitor:


Infrastructure Management

Automated Provisioning Scaling up of servers within seconds Bringing up servers in deploy real state

Environment Management

Automated , error-free , faster configuration deployment Configuration of activity reports

Code Inspection & Continous Integration

Well tested Code Improved code quality Quality Build and code Reports

Deployment Automation & Orchestration

Automated,error-free and faster deployment Single click deployment Deployment metrics

Our strength lies in our skills and tools . We work purely in open source technologies and yes we use only the command line , though we provide customized dashboards for the client side . In order to achieve the highest quality output we use a couple of tools to automate tasks for continuous integration , deployment and monitoring .


Architecture and Design – Our core group of highly equipped architects can help design and implement a highly efficient and cost effective devops architecture.


We bring efficiency, enhanced productivity, agility and reduced time to market by using – OpsTree ready Continuous Integration/Continuous delivery solutions.


We intend to make Production Support highly automated, laser focused, very efficient and cost effective, thereby transforming way production support is managed today.
We believe in constant learning and sharing. As a natural consequence we also get involved in spreading the knowledge through well articulated and result oriented trainings.