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Our main objective in providing  email solution is to reduce costs and mitigate the risks of non-compliance and litigation concerning email content.

Poorly managed email services represents significant corporate risk and becomes a potential liability. Organizations must have a secure email server with a backup and should also be able to retain email records . Substantial costs and risks correlate directly to the volume of content retained. The issue, however, is no longer about curbing the cost of storing email, but also to  minimize the risk associated with keeping it.

Cybercore Technologies Email Solutions ensures effective measures to securely store, manage, and retrieve your organization’s email content. Using email management solutions, your organization can quickly and transparently reduce costs by offloading large amounts of email from your mail server for storage in a single shared repository that is more suitable for long-term retention. This way critical business information can be retrieved quickly, helping to improve efficiency. Compliance is more easily achieved with the ability to assess, identify, manage, and destroy business content in accordance with external regulations and internal policies.

Our Email services rely on unique architecture thus ensuring high end security . We provide the high end archiving solutions as well , this way all the mail is archived at a central server from where mail can be easily retrieved . We shall ensure backup of each and every email .

Spamming is the most common issue faced by masses . In order to reduce spamming and remove unwanted email we use the latest and most effective anti-spam and anti-virus such as amavis and mail scanner . We score ten on ten  on spam control as rate by esteemed clients .

Cybercore Technologies provides a graphical user interface for your email services . We provide various panels and customized web based clients such as squirrelmail , horde , roundcube and rainloop . We shall provide a seperate panel for the admin user from where all the user data and ids can be managed .

Why email server from Cybercore Technologies ?


 24 x 7 email support                      Direct interaction with Engineer                                      zero downtime                                 Disaster Recovery


 Archiving solutions                                 Virus  + Anti Spam Control                                               Migration                                   Control Panel

All of our email solutions are cloud based with zero downtime . Our Email Server are Linux based and use sendmail and postfix as MTA , and yes we deploy them using Ansible , thus proving you a full fledged mail server running within a blink of an eye .